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From the age of 4, I discovered the joy of being able to draw my own cartoon characters and from that moment, all I ever wanted to be was a Disney ​artist.

During my school years, my interpretation of art studies differed from that of my tutors and being required to create pieces in line with their directions, did not resonate with me and dormancy began.

Music was my substitute ambition and a career as a guitarist and music teacher became the focus of my attention and my art remained a sleeping giant until mid 40's.

The loss of my mother resulted in nostalgia becoming a distraction and I accidentally created my first piece of art in 30 years.  


"315 Bowery" represented my obsession with music, my passion for New York and my distaste for gentrification.

I then steered my work towards the blues legends who inspired me as a guitarist, and continue to do so. 


"Robert Johnson" represents my signature style and I was honoured for it to be featured in Guitar World magazine.

This facilitated the emergence of a number of pieces that allowed me to re-engage with my first love which I am proud to embrace, develop and share.

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